Impact Leadership: Leading Change: Vision, Empowerment, Action NDLI 2005

Phoenix, Arizona  |  Sunday, September 11, 2005 - Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Embassy Suites Hotel Phoenix-Scottsdale
4415 East Paradise Village Parkway South  |  (602) 765-5800 (Phone)    &  (602) 765-5892 (Fax)

Leading change is one of the greatest challenges a public defender leader faces.  Whether we are implementing a new policy, undertaking a community initiative, or responding to legislative or fiscal realities, managing change is a part of every defender leader's professional life.  Understanding the dynamics of change, comprehending why people resist change, and developing effective strategies for overcoming that resistance are essential for successful leadership.  This program, designed for the most senior leadership of any public defense system, will provide you with the time, tools, and training you need to explore these critical issues and to successfully navigate the white waters of change.

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